For every purchase you make at BRIAVIAwe’ll plant one tree on your behalf at no additional cost to you!
Briavia is proud to partner with The One Heart Movement. We believe that every tree planted has the power to change our future for the better. The One Heart Movement is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to advancing social and environmental well-being while fostering unity through the power of community love. Through Briavia’s Go Greener initiative, we can combat climate change, restore biodiversity, and create a greener planet for us and the generations that follow.
Let’s keep growing together, in this race against time.
The One Heart Forest offers layers of impact, including:
Social Impact:
  • Providing sustainable livelihoods
  • Alleviating poverty and hunger
  • Facilitating green education for children
  • Empowering women and supporting gender equality
  • Teaching the importance of reforestation and preservation  
  • Strengthening a sense of community  
Environmental Impact:
  • Offsetting carbon
  • Providing oxygen and clean air 
  • Restoring the quality of the soil
  • Planting a variety of trees indigenous to each region
    • Fruit trees to provide nutrition and further income
    • Mangrove trees to protect shores and preserve biodiversity  
  • Preventing water runoff to lessen bacteria going into the ocean 
The One Heart Forest is part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the UN’s Trillion Tree Campaign.  Every time you put on BRIAVIA, we hope that you’ll remember that you’ve contributed to healing our planet, enabling us all to thrive. We call this a win-win scenario. 
 With your help, we can grow a green future together.